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Wonen-OK works closely together with various partners to guarantee a high quality screening process for tenants, buyers, volunteers and employees.

Pararius rental properties
The leading rental website in The Netherlands connected with over 1,500 rental specialists. Create your Wonen-OK dossier and stand out with every property ...
Dienst Justis
The Screening Authority
Screening Authority Justis is working on a safer and more ...
Id checker.nl
Complementary technology compiled for optimum customer experience
With the IDchecker solution you get certainty about the document ...
Credit Rating Agency
Almost everyone occasionally buys something on credit or borrows money. ...
One of the market leaders in risk management
Focum provides several forms of data that are geared towards ...
Considerati partner CV-OK Pre employment screening
Specialising in legal, policy and communication advice for the digital environment. Considerati is the leading expert in the field of ICT, ...
Privacy Perfect partner CV-OK Pre employment screening
Privacy Perfect
Dealing with personal data better
Privacy Perfect offers an online tool that enables having continuous ...
Company info
Company information and personal information
For all business professionals who want to do business with ...
Textkernel partner CV-OK Pre employment screening
Semantic recruitment technology Textkernel provides multilingual CV parsing and semantic search, sourcing, lead ...
Finaps partner CV-OK Pre employment screening
Innovative software solutions
Finaps, established in 2010, is a young and dynamic company. ...
App platform
Mendix offers the app platform organisations can use to develop, ...
The biggest association of real estate agents and valuers in real estate of the Netherlands.
The NVM is partner of the Validata Group with the ...
The Netherlands Credit Management Agency Graydon believes that transparency reinforces the trust between business partners. ...
Credit Services
EDR Credit Services (EDR) focuses on providing information that reduces ...
Dun & Bradstreet
A reliable partner in all your business decisions Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) is the only worldwide party in ...
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