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The Validata Group  meets all requirements in the field of legislation, including the Personal Data Protection Act. The processing of personal data by the Validata Group (which Vrijwilliger-OK, CV-OK and Wonen-OK are part of)  is administered by the Dutch Data Protection Authority (CBP) under report number mm1612862.

The Validata Group  works with a transparent statement of consent that refers to, among others, the Privacy Statement of the Validata Group.  This includes information about how the Validata Group treats privacy sensitive information and how the rights of people are guaranteed.

The Validata Group's procedure is in accordance with the recommendations of the Nederlandse Bank NV, the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets and the Dutch Banking Association, and meets current legislation.

The Validata Group has ISO-9001 certification. This is an (international) standard for quality management systems (QMS). With this, the Validata Group shows that it demonstrably manages its business processes.

In 2012 Considerati ( www.considerati.com) carried out a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) at CV-OK. The objective of this assessment was testing the procedure as well as the processing of personal data against the relevant and current privacy legislation. The PIA has indicated that CV-OK meets current legislation.

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